Friday 5: Totally Random Songs About (or Mentioning) Diamonds

Everyone knows the song “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend”—a favorite of mine, naturally. It’s what immediately comes to mind when one thinks about songs mentioning diamonds. As I listen to my very random, much varied playlist of songs, I’ve come across a few gems to share with you that may not immediately come to mind. Some of them you’ll know, some you won’t, and you’ll likely end up concluding that my taste in music is weird. Either way, I hope you have fun. Enjoy, and happy Friday!


Ben Harper – “Diamonds on the Inside”

Ben Harper’s soulful voice, and talk of diamonds. What could be wrong with that?


Gossip – “Dimestore Diamond”

Conveniently, this is one of my favorite bands. And I’m fairly certain that this song actually has nothing to do with diamonds.


Miranda Lambert – “Dear Diamond”

Sometimes you just have to give in to your country side. Go on, let go.


The Bird and the Bee – “Diamond Dave”

Not really about diamonds, but if the quirky song doesn’t get you tapping your feet, you must enjoy the hilarious cameos in the music video. 


Shirley Bassey – “Diamonds Are Forever”

All right, so you probably know this song well. But anything mixing 007 and diamonds is a must in my book.


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