Friday 5: This Week’s Top Images on Pinterest

Are you still enamored with Pinterest? I’ve been enjoying the ability to organize my thoughts on style and trends with a number of boards, mixing jewels from JCK Marketplace with inspirational images. In my spare time, I’ve been scouring the platform for new recipes, something that users have avidly been doing for years. Isn’t it wonderful, finding new uses for social media? This has been a great week for JCK Marketplace on Pinterest, and from the looks of it, pinners are craving—what else?—lots of color and diamonds. I’m happy to see that some of the colorful guides we’ve created for JCKonline have gotten plenty of love (thank you!), as well as jewels from Claude Thibaudeau, Rahaminov Diamonds, and Stephanie Albertson. Here are our top five pins from the week.