Friday 5: The Week’s Most-Viewed Diamond Products

This week has been very much about diamonds, it seems. On Monday I shared some of my favorite new bridal trends, and Wednesday’s blog post showcased some great diamond finds for men. So it’s only natural that we take a look at the diamonds on Marketplace that garnered the most glances. Below, feast your eyes on this week’s flashy five.

Erik Stewart’s Elevate Ring

Erik Sterwart Elevation ringIt comes as no surprise that Erik Stewart’s innovative creation took the top spot in diamonds this week, as I am guilty of featuring it in a blog post or two. Still, I’m willing to bet I’m not alone in my admiration, and I suspect that visitors fell in love with the ring for its modern yet classic design.

Le Vian Couture’s Strawberry Gold

Le Vian Couture Strawberry Gold band Crafted in the company’s scrumptious Strawberry Gold, Le Vian Couture’s whimsical band sparkles with Chocolate and Vanilla Diamonds, making for a delicious combination, indeed.

Natalie K’s Halo Ring

Natalie K diamond halo ring The diamond halo engagement ring is a modern classic, and Natalie K serves up perfection with its slim, sparkling version in 18k white gold.

A-One’s Diamonds on the Loose

A-One loose diamond

After all, loose diamonds are jewels, too. A-One Gems offers a great selection of loose round brilliants, like this collection of Belgian-, Russian-, and Thai-cut stones, just waiting to be set into something dazzling.

Margery Hirschey’s Rose-Cut Ring

Margery Hirschey rose-cut diamond ringThe delicate, handmade creation that is Margery Hirschey’s rose-cut diamond ring is another favorite this week, and impossible not to admire. The rich 22k yellow gold and the sizable sparkle is a remarkable piece to round out this week’s Friday 5.

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