Friday 5: Spooky Friday the 13th Jewelry Tidbits

Happy Friday the 13th! While many avoid this day like the plague, I relish the chance to celebrate it. I’m a horror movie geek through and through, and I’m not afraid to admit it. So I thought for today’s Friday 5, it would be appropriate to share this mixed bag of spooky jewelry tidbits, from creepy commercials and silver-screen moments to a cursed diamond and antique mourning-jewelry customs. Enjoy—and don’t be scared!


Jared’s Possessed GPS

This creepy GPS from a particularly haunting Jared commercial is the stuff modern horror movies are made of.


The Lord of the Rings

That ring. My precioussss. Enough said.


Hair Jewelry

Mourning jewelry was very common in the Victorian era; many of the pieces included a lock of a lost loved one’s hair. The sentiment is sweet, and antique collectors love it, but personally, 100-plus-year-old hair gives me the heebie-jeebies.


Kay Jewelers Makes It Rain


The setting: a cabin in the woods. A fierce storm erupts. Enter a man with chilling intensity. “I’m right here, and I always will be.” Cue the theme song to The Amityville Horror.


The Curse of the Hope Diamond

Hope Diamond

Did you know the Hope Diamond was cursed? Read this story from Mental Floss about the 10 victims of the legendary stone. It’s fascinating.


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