Friday 5: Say I Do to These Awesome Proposals

This week has been pretty big in terms of engagement news, with a number of celebrities getting betrothed and my fellow JCK-ers sharing some related facts and stories with us (check out Rob Bates’ hilarious post). So I started thinking about my favorite proposals, both real and fictional. Check out these five awesome proposals and be sure to share your favorites below.

The one with the proposal

After a series of misunderstandings, Monica turns the tables on Chandler in what results in one of the sweetest, most tearjerking proposals on TV.

Because everything is better in Disney

I make no secret of my love (okay, obsession) with all things Disney, so this flash mob proposal, which takes place in California’s Downtown Disney, has my heart as the best proposal ever. Just try not to cry, I dare you.

A drunken proposal

Not exactly my favorite show, but this drunken proposal from Whitney is pretty darn funny.

Adam Sandler grows old

Remember when Adam Sandler made movies like The Wedding Singer? Who could forget the sticky-sweet song he serenades Julia with—guaranteed to get stuck in your head. Plus, it has Billy Idol. Rock on. 


Proving that love really is the universal language, this clip from Love Actually is impossible not to, well, love. The addition of the wonderfully talented Colin Firth doesn’t hurt, either.

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