Friday 5: Peridot Jewels (Not Just) for August Birthdays


Loretta Castoro Love Doves peridot ring

Loretta Castoro

Did you know that most peridot stones are formed deep beneath the earth’s surface and rise to the top via volcanoes? As if its green hue wasn’t already intriguing, it has a cool story, too. Peridot’s origins are nearly as alien as its color! Speaking of alien, although peridot from outer space is super rare, it has been known to come to earth via meteorites (do you think it comes in peace?). According to folklore, the stone is believed to ward off evil spirits and increase self-esteem. Rumor has it that the gem has long been confused for emerald, even duping Cleopatra herself, whose famous emerald collection turned out to be peridot. I have a feeling peridot has a sense of humor. It’s a pretty sweet gemstone not just for August babies, but celebrated this month nonetheless. Here are five of the best selections.



Sylvie Collection peridot and diamond stud earrings

Sylvie Collection

Thistle and Bee Sparkler long peridot necklace

Thistle & Bee



Anita Sondore Grande Fire stone peridot ring

Anita Sondore



Tamir peridot and diamond drop earrings



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