Friday 5: My Favorite Moments of 2015

Déjà vu. In the blink of an eye, I’m sitting here, in the same spot, writing yet another year-end roundup—but this time, it’s for 2015. So much happened this year, and I can’t understand how that’s possible given that it feels like it lasted about two seconds. But I’ve pinched myself until bruised, so the only possible reality is that yes, another year is coming to a close. In 2015 met so many wonderful new people in the industry, discovered countless new creations along with welcome new trends (but plenty from last year have stuck around, too), and this blog has survived through a website redesign (doesn’t the new JCKonline look great?!). But I’m the type that never sits still, always onto the next thing, counting down the days until [insert vacation or event here], dreaming up the possibilities of what’s next. Though I do enjoy the opportunity to look back and reminisce. And that’s just what I’ll do: share my five favorite posts from 2015.


10 Instagrammers You Need to Follow (Especially if You Love Jewelry and Cool Stuff)

Best jewelry Instagram accounts collage ft. Kara Ross, Jane Taylor Jewelry, and Diamondoodles

From left: Kara Ross, Jane Taylor Jewelry, and Diamondoodles

As someone who spends probably half of her day on Instagram, this was easily my most favorite post of the year to put together. Not only did I get to peruse really exciting jewelry photos, but I got to share with my industry peers how much I really, really love what they do. Everyone is amazing, Instagram for life. See who else was on my list.


Jewelry Spotting: Painted Gems of the New Orleans Museum of Art

NOMA jewelry in art

That I was on vacation no doubt added to the joy I found in writing this. My boredom, attributed to spending too many hours in the New Orleans Museum of Art, led to this game of finding jewelry in the paintings that decorated its walls, and let me tell ya, I was like a kid in a candy store. Suddenly, this scavenger hunt renewed my interest in the place, leaving my hubby to happily continue his perusing, sans my complaining. Check out what I found.


What Has Lady Gaga Done for Heart-Shape Engagement Rings?

Heart-shape diamond engagement rings by Danhov, Forevermark, and Joshua J

From left: Danhov, Forevermark, and Joshua J.

This has been the year of Gaga, and I’m loving every minute of it. The woman hasn’t even released a solo album for crying out loud, and yet, she’s everywhere. Kicking it old school with Tony Bennett on their duets album (played constantly in our home), stealing each and every scene she appears in on American Horror Story: Hotel, and starting the year with a big ol’ heart-shape engagement ring. I don’t quite think the market for that cut of stone has increased dramatically since, but I did appreciate both the conversation surrounding that topic and the opportunity to ogle this really gorgeous roundup of diamonds. See them all here.


Should Women Own More Than One Engagement Ring?


Engagement ring alternatives from Parle Jewelry Design, Norman Silverman, and Rona Fisher

From left: Parlé Jewelry Design, Rhonda Faber Green, Norman Silverman

When it was reported that Victoria Beckham owned 13 engagement rings (and that number has possibly grown since April), I posed the question of whether or not people thought it was cool to own more than one engagement ring. Some felt strongly sentimental about having just “the one,” while others, unsurprisingly, said the more the merrier. Though my thoughts on the topic are still somewhat mixed, divided by my sentimental love for my special piece and the thirst for the countless gorgeous options out there, I really enjoyed this discussion. Plus, I got to daydream about which rings I would add to my growing roster that would rival Posh’s jewelry box (in my dreams, obviously). See them all and read the article here.


What You Missed: 4 Jewelry Moments off the Las Vegas Show Floor

JCK Las Vegas memories 2015

From left: Wendy Brandes’ in-progress Maneater ring (now complete!), my (borrowed) birthday ring from Omi Privé, drinks and drops with Chrysmela

I don’t attend a ton of jewelry shows and related events, so I’m always incredibly grateful and relieved that, when I get to Vegas each year, I fall right into an easy, welcome stride with my industry friends and colleagues as though I’ve missed nothing at all. Each and every year I come away with more than a few wonderful memories (and just maybe a little something or two for my jewelry box), so pieces like these are always some of my favorites to write because they’re just so darn easy. Reminisce with me here.

May everyone see a healthy and happy close to 2015! Thanks for reading and for being a part of my wonderful year.


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