Friday 5: Favorite Jewelry Trends From New York Market Week

Being in Manhattan for the past three days was one of my favorite experiences of late. I was close to home (hi, Mom!), taking in the sights of my favorite U.S. city, and to top it off, I was there for jewelry. I saw all of my favorite people, tried on endless jewels I could never hope to own (but one can dream, right?), and got to hunt down some of the latest trends. Below, check out the top five looks that caught my eye.



JudeFrances necklaces

…and layers, and layers, and layers. I came across so many of the pile-on necklaces, I could have easily worn 10 strands! Some of my favorites came from JudeFrances, where a wide variety was on display, like the medley pictured above, with brilliant bursts of color.


Blackened Sterling

Jane Bohan green amy earrings Sterling silver maintains a strong hold on the jewelry market, but designers are changing it up a bit with blackened silver. The look is fashion-forward and edgy, yet maintains that elegant, timeless style. One standout was from the lovely Jane Bohan, designer of these green amethyst earrings.



Garavelli purple sphere pendant

Forget 3D movies (who needs ’em, anyway?). The best three dimensions you’ll see are in jewelry. A common theme among the spherical styles was found in crystal pendants, both at LUXURY Privé and JA. I couldn’t get enough of them, and each designer had his or her own take on the embellishments. Other 3D versions were found throughout both shows, including the whimsical pendant from Garavelli, above.



Richard Krementz paraiba ring

A rare and beloved stone, Paraiba is a huge favorite in the luxury market. The award for best collection has to go to Richard Krementz Gemstones, where I found a dazzling group of rings featuring the electric blue stone.


Not Your Grandmother’s Pearls

Yvel pearl earrings

Pearls are timeless and elegant, and if you ask me, every lady should own a classic strand. On the other hand, contrary to popular belief, pearls aren’t all about afternoon tea and church. Many of the updated designs I observed were downright chic. One of the best examples comes from Yvel, which specializes in a very cool assortment of South Seas, keshi, and much, much more.

What were your top jewelry sightings? Please do share!

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