Friday 5: Different Diamond Looks for April

April is one of my favorite months of the year, not only for the near guarantee that winter will be sent away for another six months (at least), but because it’s literally the month of the diamond. Technically speaking, every day is diamond day for a lot of us, but this is the month where April babies are celebrated, perhaps receiving a gift or two containing their coveted birthstone, the diamond. But instead of the glittering white diamond most immediately associate with the stone, I wanted to share a few different looks for gift givers to consider. I mean, as if someone could get sick of receiving diamonds (all burst into a collective chuckle), but still, it’s nice to shake things up every once in a while. Below, five interesting diamonds designs that won’t be what they were expecting.

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Sethi Couture opaque diamond ring collection

Sethi Couture


Galleria Collections rough yellow drop earrings

Galleria Collections


Pamela Huizenga multicolor rose-cut diamond ring

Pamela Huizenga Jewelry


Joshua J radiant pink diamond stud earrings

Joshua J. Fine Jewelry


Pink Diamond tricolor diamond bamboo ring

Pink Diamond


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