Friday 5: Designers Bring the New to Marketplace

I make no secret of my fondness for jewelry designers. I love their distinctive takes on design, their personal touches, inspirations, and, of course, the finished products. Plus, they’re just awesome people. So I’m excited to share with you some of these new creations from very talented designers who are either new to Marketplace or showcasing some recent collections.

Laurie Kaiser

Laurie Kaiser Relic earrings The delightful Laurie Kaiser gets edgy with her new Relic collection for 2012, with designs like these Cusp earrings, made with blackened silver and 18k yellow gold and dotted with diamonds.


Jane Bohan

Jane Bohan Nautilus pendant Jane Bohan creates marvelous jewels, such as this covetable Nautilus pendant, set with a pink zircon in blackened sterling and 18k gold. Don’t you just love the two-tone chain and glittering diamonds?  


Joshua J

Joshua J emerald cut ring At a loss for words? “Wow” might be appropriate. That’s what Joshua Javaheri, driving force behind Joshua J Fine Jewelry, brings to the table with designs like this celeb-worthy emerald-cut ring.


Lauren G Adams

Lauren G Adams Flower Knight necklace Lauren G Adams designer Orly Ovadia provides a fresh perspective on fashion jewelry with pieces like this Floral Knight station necklace. It’s pretty much impossible to choose just one from the extensive collection, but you don’t have to—the pieces are incredibly affordable, and fabulous!


Sara Blaine Jewelry

Sara Blaine 5 bangleA fair mix of trendy and timeless, Sara Blaine’s designs are beautifully handcrafted in Bali. Many pieces are inspired by nature, like this marvelous mixed metal stack of bangle bracelets, fashioned after twigs.

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