Friday 5: Budget Jewels to Make Their Holiday Glow

I love the holidays, and it’s difficult to pick just one reason why. Superficially, though, I love the excess of sparkle. Pile on the sequins, the sparkling eye shadow, and of course, the jewels. You’d be hard-pressed to sift through fashion and lifestyle blogger gift guides without finding a handful of products tinged with glitter and gold. And yes, jewelry glows year-round, but this time of year, many are looking for that one special, fun piece to mark the occasion. A pair of earrings for New Year’s Eve, a cocktail ring for the company holiday party. And these fun pieces, though they will likely be treasured for longer than just one night, aren’t typically investments for many. We don’t all have the power to go out and spend thousands of dollars on a ring (though imagine the possibilities if we did!) to match any one specific outfit. So praise the jewelers who have made available this range of sparkling statement jewels, all under $500.

Click each image for more info, and to get it into your store, you know where to find me.


Charming  Silver silver gray drusy drop earrings

Charming Silver



Gabriel Co. Stellare diamond crescent moon earrings

Gabriel & Co.



Evocateur Cleopatra bib necklace




Thistle Bee Sparkler stacking bangle bracelets

Thistle & Bee



MARC crystal lapis doublet bangle bracelet