Frederick Goldman, Trent West Settle Claim

Trent West and Frederick Goldman, Inc. signed an agreement settling pending litigation between the companies. The settlement provides Frederick Goldman, Inc. with the sole license to produce Tungsten Carbide Rings covered by Trent West’s various patents.

“I am pleased to have the market leader, Frederick Goldman, Inc. recognize and honor these patents,” Trent West said. “This is a major step in protecting the market place for this fast growing category.”

“We have great respect for Trent and for his patented technologies and we are excited to promote Tungsten Carbide rings along with his company,” added Jonathan Goldman. “As the sole authorized licensee of Tungsten Carbide Rings, these patents allow us to assure both the retailers and consumers that they are getting the highest quality product from an authorized source.”

Trent West is the inventor of patented Tungsten carbide rings. TrewTungsten by Trent West is manufactured and distributed by Trent West, Inc.

Trent West is continuing to pursue its litigation against five other alleged patent infringers in the Federal Court in Northern California.