Frederick Goldman Calendar Benefits JFC

Employees of Frederick Goldman Inc. have created a 2008 calendar that features photographs of the jewelry manufacturer’s New York workers. Proceeds from calendar sales will benefit Jewelers for Children.

Each month showcases different departments against a backdrop of seasonal themes. The calendar also includes January 2009 with pictures of employees’ children.

The calendars sell for $10 with all proceeds going to JFC. Donations were solicited from suppliers and local businesses to pay all production costs. In order to increase sales, a raffle ticket is being included with each purchase for the opportunity to win jewelry and other prizes.

Frederick Goldman employees have shown creativity in the past in their JFC fundraising efforts, including “Count the Jelly Beans” contests and cabaret shows that included DVD sales—in addition to selling JFC holiday cards and tree ornaments. Activities have not been focused just around the holidays, but year round, including raffles tied to Valentine’s Day and Fourth of July.

Since its inception, more than $15,000 has been raised by Frederick Goldman employees. Part of the money has gone to sponsoring two “Make a Wish” recipients who Goldman employees personally met.

“I am so proud that fundraising for JFC has turned into part of what we do here as well as a team building activity,” said Jonathan Goldman, chief executive officer.