Franck Muller Signs LOI with WJC

Franck Muller USA, Inc. has signed a letter-of-intent to purchase space in the World Jewelry Center trade tower.
Known as “the master of complications,” Franck Muller is famous for his complex technical innovations and bold designs. An accomplished watchmaker trained at the Geneva School of Watchmaking, he personally created dozens of new complications for his watches and acquired patents for many of them.

“We view the World Jewelry Center as the most exciting project in the jewelry industry in recent years,” said Hratch Kaprielian,chief executive officer of Franck Muller USA, Inc. “We look forward to having a USA western point of distribution for our brands in Las Vegas, through our location in the World Jewelry Center trade tower. We are extremely confident that the leadership and management of the World Jewelry Center will make this a world-class development.”

In 1983, Franck Muller began making wristwatches bearing his name and is credited as being the first to add a tourbillon to a wristwatch. Among his many other notable innovations are the tourbillon with jumping hours; tourbillon with minute repeater; and inverted tourbillon with minute repeater and perpetual calendar.

In 1991, Franck Muller joined with Vartan Sirmakes to create the Franck Muller Geneve brand. He was instrumental in building it into one of the watch industry’s most prestigious and sought-after. Over the next few years Vartan Sirmakes was also instrumental in acquiring additional watch brands for the company.

In 1992, one of Franck Muller’s watches was designated “the world’s most complicated wristwatch” after its introduction in Geneva. Comprising some 651 parts, the watch included both grande and petite sonnerie; minute repeater; a perpetual calendar programmed to 2100; leap-year cycle; 24-hour moon phase indicator; an internal temperature indicator.

Franck Muller Watchland was established in 1995 in Genthod, Switzerland to expand the firm’s manufacturing and facilitate its vertical integration.