This Jewelry Gives the Four-Leaf Clover the Glow Up It Deserves


Four-leaf clovers are associated with luck and the frivolity of St. Patrick’s Day, but this easily recognizable symbol also has a deeper meaning—that of protection and that someone you love is thinking about you.

If you want to get really deep about the clover, each of its four leaves also has a special meaning. The first stands for hope. The second represents faith. The third focuses on charity. The final leaf is about luck—the feeling that things are going your way.

There also is something lovely about possessing something rare. According to clover-related research, you have a one in 10,000 chance of finding a four-leaf clover in the wild. A three-leaf clover is known as a shamrock, and there are lots of examples of five- and six-leaf and beyond clovers out there, so that amount of luck in a four-leafed one is…limited at best, let’s say.

Heather B. Moore is best known for her handmade and personalized jewelry, and the Cleveland jeweler says her family has long celebrated St. Patrick’s Day and the symbolism behind its traditional symbol, the clover.

For St. Patrick’s Day, Moore created a limited collection of shamrock and four-leaf clover pendants. Each sits on a Harriet stone, one of Moore’s favorites to work with in her jewelry business.

“We grew up enjoying St. Patrick’s Day on spring break skiing in Colorado. It was the day to pick the funniest outfits, always peppered with shades of green. The best part of all was it was also my sister’s birthday, so we had to be extra ridiculous,” Moore says.

“When I see clovers, I think of how lucky I was to have her in my life for 28 years,” Moore adds. “This is a day to be grateful for all of the people in your life who have filled your heart with inspiration and goodness because that is truly the pot of gold!”

So whether you celebrate St. Paddy’s festivities or just want to show off your luck in finding a great piece of jewelry, here are some examples of four-leaf clovers across many designers and price points for your consideration.




Gigi Ferranti clover
Gigi Ferranti created this delicate clover charm, which she offers on a paper-clip chain to symbolize luck and wealth ($2,450). The charm comes in white or yellow gold (photo courtesy of Gigi Ferranti).



Yessayan clover necklace
This trio of clovers from fine jeweler Yessayan ($800) feels like a breath of spring inside any jewelry box (photo courtesy of Yessayan). 
Orbe Clover Yvette Leon
Inside this clever orb necklace you will find your own pot of gold from Marie Lichtenberg ($4,920). The enameled clover allows you to express your luck in any way you see fit (photo courtesy of Marie Lichtenberg). 
Jared clover earrings
Each leaf on this Jared clover earring set looks like a heart, making this pair even more delightful ($349). The earrings are made from 14k yellow gold with a diamond accent (photo courtesy of Jared).
Stella Dot bangle
Who says your clover has to be a bright green? Keep the luck but add some drama with this keepsake clover ($9) on the Stella & Dot bangle (photo courtesy of Stella & Dot). 
Rocksbox huggies
For a hint of luck, add some clovers to your ears ($55) via a Rocksbox subscription. These Rocksbox huggies are from Sophie Harper and can be paired with a matching necklace (photo courtesy of Rocksbox).
Aurelie Gi
This lighter-than-air take from Aurelie Gi on the shamrock gives it an elegance that befits any wrist ($230). The bracelet is 14k gold with diamonds (photo courtesy of Aurelie Gi).

Top: Heather B. Moore’s limited-edition clover jewelry sold out quickly this year, honoring her style and craftsmanship plus people’s admiration for the symbolism behind the four-leaf clover and three-leaf shamrock shapes (photo courtesy of Heather B. Moore). 

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Karen Dybis

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