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Foundrae Introduces Precious Stone Pair Of Pears


The New York–based fine jewelry brand responsible for turning charm jewelry into modern heirlooms, Foundrae is elevating the category even further. Founded in 2015, the brand is known for its 18k yellow gold, vintage-inspired chains with brightly enameled pendants. But now, Foundrae is stepping into the precious stone and diamond category—so you can add a hint of sparkle to your assortment of mixed link chains and medallions. The collection, called Pair of Pears, launches Tuesday and is a play on pear-shape stones and the concept of pairs. 

FoundRae Pair of Pears necklace pendants
Pendants in 18k yellow gold with pear-shape ruby, emerald, diamonds, and blue sapphire; price on request

“The pear stones are a part of our True Love Tenet–Forever & Always a Pair,” Foundrae’s creative director Beth Bugdaycay tells JCK. “We have many pairs in our lives: Just like you and me and those that we love, every stone is completely unique. Every single stone reflects differently and illuminates differently as do our pairs: the Catalyst, the Healer, the Fire Starter, the Teacher, the Truth Sayer, the person that is just willing to hold space for our deepest thoughts. We choose the pairs to keep close to our hearts—friends, lovers, family, and chosen family. They give us a piece of their hearts, we give them a piece of ours, and then we are fused. Forever & Always a Pair, perpetually, and unceasingly bound.”

FoundRae Pair of Pears rings
Rings in 18k yellow gold with pear-shape blue sapphires, rubies, diamonds, and emeralds; price on request

The pieces are made using one-of-a-kind pear-shape diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and blue, teal, and lilac sapphires set in 18k yellow gold. Ranging from 0.75 ct. to 4 cts. for rings, and 0.35 ct. to 2 cts. for pendants, each jewel is made-to-order. “Venturing into substantial precious stones and diamonds allows for the Foundrae wearer to add more color, a new shape, and a new symbol to their stories.”

Top: Pendants in 18k yellow gold with pear-shape diamonds, ruby, emerald, and sapphires; price on request (photos courtesy of Foundrae)

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By: Annie Davidson

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