Former Jeweler Indicted for Not Paying for Memo Goods

A former jeweler has been indicted for allegedly not paying for almost a half million dollars in memo goods.

The indictment, filed Dec. 14 in North Carolina federal court, charges Dina R. Garfinkel—described as the former owner and operator of Nikki B. Designs in Flat Rock, N.C—with 33 counts of fraud. The suit alleges Garfinkel didn’t pay for around $400,000 in goods, which she received on consignment from 10 wholesalers from Los Angeles to Atlanta.

“Early on in her dealings with each seller, she paid for the goods as promised,” the indictment states. “Having established credibility with the sellers in this manner, Garfinkel later ordered goods ‘on memo’ from the same sellers and either withheld payment for the goods altogether, or made partial payments, or intentionally issued worthless checks to the sellers drawn on accounts she knew had insufficient funds.”

The indictment lists her purported aliases as Dina Drake, Dina Lebovitch, and Ruth Lebovitch.

Her listed attorney did not return a request for comment.

The news was first broke by local news channel WLOS.


JCK News Director