de beers’ forevermark brand has reorganized its marketing department, which has led to the dismissal of longtime worldwide marketing director dominic brand and his team.

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Forevermark London Office Hit by Layoffs

It must be getting awfully lonely in De Beers’ London office…

De Beers’ Forevermark brand has reorganized its marketing department. Among those leaving is longtime worldwide marketing director Dominic Brand and his team.

“Previously, the marketing department was centrally controlled from London,” says De Beers spokeswoman Lynette Gould. “Now the local markets are going to be more autonomous. And that has resulted in some restructuring in the London office.”

She added in an email: “Essentially, we are shifting decision-making for marketing plans to the local markets where there is a greater local knowledge base and where the teams are closer to the Forevermark trade partners. About 20 new marketing roles have been created in the local markets of China, India, and the U.S. in 2013, and these teams will continue to grow. Some functions—brand management, digital marketing, and visual merchandising—will remain London based.” 

Gould said she could not comment on specific individuals. Brand has worked with Forevermark since shortly after its inception in 2001.


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