Forevermark, Leo Schachter Introduce Co-Branded Diamond Line

Forevermark is joining with longtime De Beers client Leo Schachter to debut LVE, a co-branded diamond jewelry line that targets millennial buyers.

The new collaboration, LVE for Forevermark, sports the tagline “live love” and will be unveiled tomorrow at the Centurion Show in Scottsdale, Ariz.

The project came about after polling a panel of 1,000 millennial consumers, which vetted key aspects of the concept and the design.

“Success today with millennials is about having a compelling story that is relevant,” says Rebecca Foerster, executive vice president, strategic planning and marketing for Schachter and Co., the Schachter division that services independents.

The name—LVE—was chosen because it’s a contraction of the word love

“That’s the millennial’s language, the way they talk,” Foerster says. “The missing O allows for some customization. The definition of love is different to a millennial than it was to previous generations. They want to create their own kind of love.” 

The brand is built around a patented threaded design that resembles the classic infinity symbol. In the bridal lines, the threads wrap around the center stones. 

Images courtesy LVE for Forevermark

An LVE ring


“We wanted the idea of ‘live love’ to tie into the design aesthetic,” says Peter Smith, executive vice president, brand development for Schachter. “It’s his journey, her journey, with the intersection being their journey.”

LVE ring

Non-bridal pieces will have similar designs but different iterations. 


LVE pendant

The brand’s logo is also based on the infinity symbol, with an extra loop, to represent what the brand calls the “trifinity.” 


Millenial panel members also responded well to the collaboration with Forevermark. 

“The addition of Forevermark represented real value for them,” says Foerster. “It gave the panel a certain security. They know the diamond is sustainable, they know where the diamond comes from.”

LVE is Forevermark’s first co-brand and will initially be pitched to retailers who carry the De Beers line.

“We feel it will bring interest to the category,” says Charles Stanley, president, Forevermark US. “It allows us to engage in storytelling. It takes the sale away from the Four C’s and the commoditization we see in our industry today.”

The partners will work together on a marketing program that will include digital and television advertising. They declined to specify a marketing budget.

The line has been tested in 12 jewelers over the last two months and has set up a preliminary Facebook page and website.

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