Forevermark Debuts Black Label Collection, Petit Diamonds

De Beers has developed proprietary “ideal” proportions for rounds and fancies

At JCK Las Vegas 2016, De Beers’ Forevermark brand introduced its Black Label collection, a new selection of what it calls “ideal cuts” of both round and fancy diamond shapes.

The Black Label collection (pictured) will include square-, cushion-, oval-, and heart-shape diamonds cut to proprietary specifications developed by De Beers. The fancy shapes are available exclusively through HRA Crossworks; the rounds are available from all the company’s diamantaires.

The new cut specifications stress “facet interplay,” says Forevermark CEO Stephen Lussier.

“That’s the optical effect that is created by light moving across the diamond,” he continues. “[You want] to have that effect through the whole stone, so you don’t have any dull spots. People thought it was impossible to create that with a fancy shape. It’s been a real hard task, but it’s exciting to get there.”

Forevermark decided to increase its focus on fancy shapes after research showed that 50 percent of women now want fancy shapes in their rings. (Fifty percent still want the traditional round.)

“If you look at from a consumer-demand perspective, that is very reflective of the millennial desire to have something unique,” says Forevermark US president Charles Stanley. “If you go back 20 years, demand was about 80 percent for rounds.”

Black Label diamonds will receive a larger format Forevermark grading report that includes cut grades for the fancy shapes. The report is placed in a custom black sleeve showing light performance visuals.

This new grading reports will be expanded to all Forevermark diamonds in early 2017.

Forevermark is also now offering Petit Diamonds, diamonds of less than 10 points which will not be inscribed but meet Forevermark standards. (The company’s technology can inscribe diamonds 10 points and up.) This will allow for a wider range of price points for Forevermark products, it says.

It is also developing a new TV commercial for its Ever Us Forevermark Two Stone diamond collection that will air in the fourth quarter, which will now include two-stone earrings and pendants as well as rings.

It is also bringing back its “Seize the Day” print, digital, and outdoor campaign. While last year’s campaign touted the diamond category, this year’s will be geared toward Forevermark products.

(Image courtesy of Forevermark)

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