Forecast, Fabulous: Le Vian’s 2018 Jewelry Trend Predictions

On June 7, invited guests gathered in the Lagoon Ballroom of Mandalay Bay to experience a long-standing favorite event at JCK Las Vegas: Le Vian’s Red Carpet Revue. The annual fashion show, which played host to celebrities including television personality Ross Matthews and award-winning actress Jane Krakowski, was in its 18th edition and was broadcast live on Facebook. Members of the current and next generation of the LeVian family took part in the event, with a generous donation by Le Vian collection’s Cecil Pruitt going towards Jewelers for Children.

In addition to the runway show, which was kicked off by Continental Buying Group’s Andie Weinman (in thigh high boots and Le Vian jewels, no less, as pictured above), Le Vian released its annual jewelry and fashion trend forecast, which will likely affect what you see (or stock) in stores later this year. Here are the brand’s trends for 2018 as announced by Le Vian’s own Eddie LeVian at the event.

2018 Gems of the Year

Bracelet in 18k Vanilla Gold with 20.2 cts. t.w. Blueberry Sapphires and 12.23 cts. t.w. Vanilla Diamonds, $58,248

Cornflower Ceylon Sapphire and Blueberry Sapphire. Le Vian’s signature Cornflower Ceylon Sapphire—in addition to gemstones in a similar hue—is definitely the shade of sapphire shoppers will be racing to in 2018, if not much sooner. Le Vian has also added its Blueberry Sapphire, which is a deeper, slightly more electric hue, to the list of 2018 gems.

Ring in 14k Strawberry Gold with 1.21 ct. Passion Ruby and 0.64 ct. t.w. Vanilla Diamonds, $5,248

2018 Category of the Year: Precious

Passion Ruby and Strawberry Sapphire. Le Vian’s pink and red gemstones are standouts of a category the brand has named Precious, which is a “nod to Le Vian’s storied past, representing the historical early period of Le Vian in the U.S. where color was defined in precious gems.” Though the aforementioned stones represent a current demand for warmly hued gems, Le Vian’s Cornflower Ceylon Sapphire, Blueberry Sapphire, and Costa Smeralda Emeralds also fall under the category.

Pendant in 14k Vanilla Gold with 0.33 ct. t.w. Cornflower Ceylon Sapphire, 0.35 ct. t.w. Passion Passion Ruby, and 0.1 ct. t.w. Vanilla Diamonds, $1,948

Color Trend of the Year: Red, White & Blue

Le Vian’s Red, White & Blue collection speaks to a longing for unity in a year of extreme political divisiveness, blending the rich colors of America’s flag into designs all can appreciate. Using the brand’s signature Passion Ruby, Blueberry Sapphire, and Vanilla Diamonds, the collection boasts a variety of pendants and rings—some even featuring stars and stripes.

Ring in 18k Vanilla Gold with 4.2 ct. Cornflower Ceylon Sapphire and 1.49 cts. t.w. Vanilla Diamonds, $51,798

2018 Fall Color of the Year: Denim

Who doesn’t love denim? A staple in any closet, Le Vian echos its necessity with a collection featuring its jean-hued gemstones: Deep Sea Blue Topaz, Cornflower Ceylon Sapphire, and Santa Maria Aquamarine. Some of the collection’s designs are even cleverly detailed with “stitching,” done up in the brand’s signature Chocolate Diamonds.

Ring in 14k Honey Gold with 0.65 ct. t.w. Crème Brulee Diamonds, $2,798

2018 Spring Color of the Year: Nude

If Le Vian is right, this spring will be all about getting naked (just kidding, sort of). With a collection dedicated to providing “monochromatic sparkle that is complementary to both fashion and beauty trends,” the brand is launching Nude Diamonds, as well as featuring its Peach Morganite and Neopolitan Opal in an array of designs.

Ring in 18k two-tone with 1.7 ct. Sunny Yellow Diamond, 0.28 ct. t.w. Strawberry Diamonds, and 0.25 ct. t.w. Vanilla Diamonds, $51,498

2018 Bridal Trend of the Year: Color Bridal

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that colored gemstones in bridal are on the uptick—more brides want seemingly unique, highly customized options in their engagement rings, and colored gems are a variation of that. Le Vian is answering the call for individuality with its new bridal collection, with gemstones from its Precious line in addition to its Sunny Yellow Diamonds and Strawberry Diamonds, too.

Ring in 18k Vanilla Gold with 3.94 ct. Neon Blue Paraiba Tourmaline and 1.11 cts. t.w. Vanilla Diamonds, $31,498

Pantone Color of the Year: Greenery

In response to Pantone’s Color of the Year, the energetic, full-of-life Greenery, Le Vian is spotlighting its grassy gemstone palette: Pistachio Diopside, Hunters Green Tourmaline, and the blue-green of Neon Blue Paraiba Tourmaline.

Earrings in 14k Vanilla Gold with 0.64 ct. t.w. Cornflower Ceylon Sapphire and 0.45 ct. t.w. Vanilla Diamonds, $5,048

2018 Design Trend of the Year: Extraterrestrials

Otherworldly elements are a mainstay in the jewelry world—stars, moons, and the like—so Le Vian explores that with its Extraterrestrials line, featuring “orbiting bands of gold, diamonds, and gems in dimensional patterns, as well as stars and galaxies.”

Ring in 14k Strawberry Gold with 0.55 ct. t.w. Chocolate Diamonds and 0.43 ct. t.w. Vanilla Diamonds, $4,398

2018 Setting of the Year: Bezel

This is the first year that Le Vian has opted to forecast a setting, with the bezel taking the top spot for 2018. As one of the brand’s most successful design features, it’s a look that “is redefining fine jewelry today and changing the look of the pieces for a more modern effect.”

Bracelets in 14k Vanilla Gold with Santa Maria Aquamarine, london blue topaz, and Blueberry Tanzanite, $6,848–$10,698

Fashion Trend of the Year: Stacking and Layering

Stacking rings, layered necklaces, and earring groups have had a stronghold on the jewelry industry for the last couple of years, and, according to Le Vian, don’t expect that to dissipate anytime soon. The brand has plenty of mix-and-match pieces to offer, letting the customer create their own look that’s as individual as they are.

Ring in 14k Strawberry Gold with 0.3 ct. t.w. Vanilla Diamonds and 0.21 ct. t.w. Chocolate Diamonds, $4,398

2018 Item Trend of the Year: Boyfriend Rings

As Le Vian experienced more demand for men’s fashion bands and signet rings, it seemed only natural to offer similar styles for all sexes. With Boyfriend Rings, the stylish designs for men are available in a variety of sizes to fit anyone’s finger.

For more information on these trends and product availability, visit, and see a recording of the show here.

(Pictured at top: Le Vian president Moossa LeVian, Elizabeth LeVian, chairman Larry LeVian, Angela LeVian, Jane Krakowski, Miranda LeVian, and CEO Eddie LeVian)

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