For Your Summer Jewelry Sales: The Bikini Necklace

Silver International chevron lavalier pendant

Silver International

Have you heard of the bikini necklace? It’s being touted as summer’s biggest jewelry trend and pretty smartly so. Because this isn’t a new type of jewelry, you probably already have pieces like these in your showcase. Look for lavalier or lariat-styles, ones that start with a typical pendant neckline and descend into a chain that nestles along one’s, um, assets. It makes perfect sense to dub this look the bikini necklace for summer, since it goes so wonderfully well with beach attire and lends a desirable, summery vibe to a style that, really, is an all-seasons one. You can sell this ultra-popular style well into the holiday season, I’m sure of it. Specific styles to look for include delicate chains with accents like bars and geometric shapes or even initials. Just don’t go for anything too pricey if you want to recommend it for the beach; we wouldn’t ask clients to wear their most expensive jewels in the ocean, would we? Now my only question is, what kind of tan lines do these pieces leave?

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Shy Creation round diamond station lariat necklace

Shy Creation



Bcouture white topaz lariat necklace

B Couture



Jane Basch monogram disc lariat pendant

Jane Basch Designs



Rebecca Hook Jewelry black spinel branch lavalier necklace

Rebecca Hook Jewelry


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