Flower Jewelry and White After Labor Day

I like to walk on the wild side. My biggest rebellion: wearing white after Labor Day. Gasp! Obviously this is in jest, because isn’t this a rule many people love to break?

There are a lot of things going on in the world today that many could compare to the 1950s, but the rules of fashion are not one of those things. It was during this time that fashion magazines made it loud and clear: NO white after Labor Day. As for where the “rule” actually came from? It could be attributed to the socialites of the late 1800s (Mental Floss did a short, interesting recap on this that you can read here).

While I’ll be wearing white whenever I darn well please, there is the jewelry equivalent that, at times, gives me pause: floral jewelry.

Bahina real daisy earrings
Earrings in 18k yellow gold with real daisies, carved sapphire, and garnet, $2,850; Bahina

If white is too summery and carefree to follow us into the colder, decidedly less free-spirited months, can’t the same be said for flowers? It’s during the fall and winter that most blooms leave us, so should we instead swap our pretty petals for, say, autumn leaves and the like?

De Hago diamond flower necklace
Flower pendant in white and yellow gold with 1.45 cts. t.w. yellow diamonds and 1.48 cts. t.w. white diamonds, $17,800; De Hago

While I couldn’t say no to a beautiful, bejeweled depiction of foliage, let’s all hang on to those flowers, shall we? Sure, these styles may not sell quite as quickly in these late months (“florals for spring” is unoriginal for a reason), but who are we to limit their wear?

Hatai Jewelry Circle bangle bracelet
Circle bangle in sterling silver and 22k yellow gold with cabochon gemstones and enamel, price on request; Hatai Jewelry

If anything, blossoming beauties can keep us feeling chipper through the neverending winters, reminding us that better days—and temperatures—are ahead. Wearing flowers might even make you stand out in a sea of dreary, muted fashions in mid-January.

So here’s to wearing plenty of white after Labor Day and pairing our flower jewelry with it, all year long. With pieces that look like these, you’d have a hard time putting them away for too long, anyway.

Top: Pink Geranium earrings in 18k yellow, rose, and white gold vermeil with lab-grown pink and yellow sapphires and diamonds, £890 ($1,148); Anabela Chan