Florida Jeweler Rocks Out in New Store Location

When Eddie Snow, co-owner of Snow’s Jewelers in Coral Gables, Fla., couldn’t come to terms with his landlord of 20 years on a new lease for his fine jewelry store, “it felt like the worst thing in the world,” says the veteran retailer.

But after signing a lease agreement on a 1,900-square-foot space across the street from his original store, his situation turned from “the worst thing I felt could ever happen to the best thing ever,” says Snow, who owns the store with his wife, Judy Snow.

The retailer, who took over the 54-year-old store from his parents 38 years ago, says the recent move opened his eyes to just how outdated his family’s shop had become. “I think the store was getting old-fashioned, and honestly I didn’t even pick up on it,” he says. “I always thought it was about coming in, finding the diamond you want, etc. It’s not just about that. I’m a dinosaur learning new lessons.”

Though the new store, which specializes in bridal and fashion fine jewelry, is 300 square feet smaller than its predecessor, it’ has energized Snow’s consumer base. The summer months, which have historically been slow for the boutique, have been chockablock with sales; revenue increased 75 percent in July, compared to July 2011.

“That landlord did us a big favor,” says Snow. “We’re really rocking over here. Our old store was on a very bustling corner, which we thought was great.” Now the store, which resides on a main shopping drag, Miracle Mile, is in between “two of the finest restaurants in town, and the foot traffic is just so much better.”

There’s also the fact that the couple took pains to build out a thoroughly modern space, defined by muted, elegant décor featuring plush beige carpet, LED lighting, and display cases that comingle rich, dark woods with lighter bamboo insets. “It just feels like a shiny, brand-new store,” notes Snow, whose brother owns a second (but completely independent) Snow’s Jewelers in nearby Miami Lakes, Fla.

“I’m 68 and I wasn’t burnt out on the business,” he says. “But now I’m in the store early every morning. I almost can’t wait to get started.”

Inside the recently relocated Snow’s Jewelers in Coral Gables, Fla. (courtesy of Snow’s Jewelers)

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