First Vacheron Constantin auction sets world records

Swiss luxury watchmaker Vacheron Consantin, marking it 250th anniversary this year, set several world records in the first-ever thematic auction of its timepieces. The sale was held by the Antiquorum auction house, which auctioned 250 sought after classic and new timepieces in the “Quarter Millenium of Vacheron Constantin” held Apr.3 in Geneva.

Among those world records were:

* More than 18.1 million Swiss francs ($15 million), the highest amount ever raised in a thematic watch auction;

* Sale of the King Fouad I pocket watch (1929) for 3,306,250 Swiss francs ($2.7 million) making it the most sought after Vacheron Constantin pocket watch and the 5th most sought after in the world;

* Sale of the Tour de I’lle, a new double-faced astronomic watch with visible tourbillion for 1,876,250 (more than $1.5 million), a world record for a modern wristwatch; and.

* The sale of Saint-Gervais, an exceptional gentleman’s watch in platinum made to mark the company’s quarter millennium (including an incredible 250 hour power reserve, one minute tourbillion regulator and perpetual calendar), sold for 446,250 Swiss francs ($374,000).

“This sale clearly confirms Vacheron Constantin’s importance in the world of watch collecting qnd reaffirms its place in the top echelon of watch manufacturers,” said Osvaldo Patrizzi, chairman of Antiquroum.

Vacheron Constantin officials told JCK this is the start of a new direction for the venerable watchmaker, which will, they said, be more active in the world of fine watch auctions.