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Stop in the Name of Love: A Fine Jewelry Bottle Cap for Valentine’s Day


How’s this for a Valentine’s Day gift? A hand-carved obsidian bottle stopper with a polki diamond set in 18k rose gold, accompanied by a gorgeous bottle of premium mezcal from Agua Mágica.

Mexican-born designer Sara Beltrán, who owns the fine jewelry label Dezso, partnered with premium spirits brand Agua Mágica founded by Rafael Shin, for this limited edition collection available starting Feb. 1.

So how does a jewelry designer come to create this objet d’art for a mezcal brand? “Since I met Rafa, I fell in love with his mezcal and brand,” says Beltrán. “First of all, it’s delicious and makes the most delicious margaritas. But I love that he works to protect mezcaleros. He’s very passionate about Agua Mágica, as I am about Dezso. For me, it was a no-brainer to do something together. Dezso has always been made only by artisans and, for me, it’s very important that artisans are equally important to any brand I partner with. We both have very similar perspectives, and we like the elegant look as well. I love elevating artisans’ work.”

Sara Beltran x Agua Magica stopper

The design of the bottle stopper (shown above) aligns with Dezso’s core inspirations, focusing on the undersea universe and nautical artifacts. There are two versions, though both are in hand-engraved obsidian: a small version, $1,400, and a large version featuring a polki diamond in 18k rose gold, $2,000.

“In ancient Mexican culture, obsidian was called Itzli, which literally means the ‘God of Stone,’ ” says Beltrán. “Obsidian is considered the stone of the Mayan and Aztecs. The volcanic rock was so abundant in the region that they used it for pretty much everything from utensils to jewelry to weapons, and therefore never really developed metallurgy. And I always used diamonds in my pieces—it’s a classic signature of Dezso.”

The limited edition collection will go on sale at Dezso’s New York store and at, starting Feb. 1.

Top: Limited edition fine jewelry bottle stopper in 18k rose gold with obsidian and a polki diamond, $2,000; Sara Beltrán x Agua Mágica

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By: Brittany Siminitz

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