Fine Jewelry Advent Calendars for the Rich in Spirit, er, Cash

Advent calendars are emerging as a hot gift and a clever marketing gimmick for brands this holiday season.

While it’s easy to imagine hordes of shoppers snapping up a classic Godiva chocolate Advent calendar ($29.95)—or even one filled with tiny beauty products, such as L’Occitane’s ($63)—it’s clear that only a few shoppers will be springing for one of the fine jewelry Advent calendars that have debuted for the season.

They are chic and fun, but they are also bonkers expensive.

Okay, not all of them are out of reach (click here for several priced under $300). But at least two fine jewelers are stuffing those tiny cardboard slots with pieces worthy of weddings, engagements, and major anniversaries.

Tiffany advent calendar
Above and top: Tiffany & Co. Ultimate Advent Calendar (photo courtesy of Tiffany)

Tiffany & Co.’s Ultimate Advent Calendar

“Less of a gift, more of a financial flex” is how one Vogue Australia writer characterized the giving of a $112,000 jewelry Advent calendar to a loved one. And that about sums it up. Tiffany’s 2019 Advent calendar, which is delivered and assembled by men wearing white gloves (yes, really), is an all-in-one collection of classic Tiffany pieces—from iconic charms and Return to Tiffany items to modern full-size jewels including the 18k rose gold–and–diamonds Tiffany T Square bracelet. Also tucked into that big blue box, designed to resemble Tiffany’s Fifth Avenue flagship, are perfumes and offbeat silver doodads, including a sterling silver harmonica and a sterling silver clothespin.

Beaverbrook advent calendar
Beaverbrooks’ Advent calendar (photo courtesy of Beaverbrooks)
Beaverbrook advent calendar inside
A few pieces tucked inside Beaverbrooks’ $129,329 Advent calendar (photo courtesy of Beaverbrooks)

Beaverbrooks’ Diamond-a-Day Advent Calendar

Beating Tiffany’s Advent investment (by almost $20K!) is Beaverbrooks’ $129,329 Diamond-a-Day calendar. The U.K. jeweler has packed its cubbies with mega-bling that includes an 18k gold TAG Heuer Aquaracer watch, diamond stud earrings, an 18k gold-with-diamonds Gucci bangle (plus two other Gucci diamond jewels), a platinum solitaire diamond ring valued at more than $25,000, and more. It’s truly for the woman who has everything—or the woman launching her own jewelry store.

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