Find the Perfect Match for Your Customers With Our Hair/Eye Color Guide to Gemstones

It happens every year during the busy holiday shopping season, before Mother’s Day and birthdays, and sometimes just because: Well-intentioned gift-seekers request your help finding the perfect piece of jewelry for their beloved. They know something sparkly is sure to please the giftee, they just don’t know exactly—or in some cases at all—what they’re looking for. A common tactic that I often found helped was to ask about the recipient’s features. What color eyes does she have? What color and style of hair? The color questions can help narrow down the list to a specific gemstone; the length and style of hair give a clue to the jewelry design (long earrings vs. studs, etc.).

So once you know she has blue eyes and brown hair, now what? We’ve taken the guesswork out of this for you with our gemstone guide below of 15 combinations of hair and eye colors, each matched with the perfect gemstone to make her really sparkle. This is helpful for retailers self-purchasers, too (I have just the gemstone for your brown eyes and blonde hair, it’s going to be perfect for you!).

So below, our recommendations for the most common hair/eye color combinations. Click on each gemstone for a collection of gorgeous jewels and loose gems in each category, stock up, and get selling!

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