Fighting Crime

Jewelers’ Security Alliance chairman David Cornstein has announced a major crime prevention initiative, in partnership with Jewelers of America and Jewelers Mutual Insurance Co., to develop local crime prevention networks of jewelers and police.

These local crime fighting groups will be organized in towns, cities, counties, and states throughout the U.S. Members of these local networks will share information on crimes, suspects, and crime prevention measures, and will work together with their local police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to reduce crime against jewelers. The goal is to have 200 local networks operating within three years.

JA and JM have each pledged $300,000 to this project, and JCK/Reed Exhibition Companies provided seed money through a $100,000 JCK Industry Fund grant to JSA in 2006. JSA is now conducting a fundraising campaign for this project in conjunction with the celebration of its 125th Anniversary, which occurs next year. JSA will recognize the partners and contributors at a gala 125th Anniversary Luncheon on Jan. 12, 2008, at the Rainbow Room in Rockefeller Center. FBI Director Robert S. Mueller is scheduled as the principal speaker for the event.

“There are currently a few pioneering examples of local crime prevention networks in the U.S. that have made great progress in reducing crime in their areas,” said JSA President John Kennedy. “Local jewelry crime prevention networks lead to more arrests of jewelry criminals, more awareness of security issues by jewelers, better cooperation by police, and a significant reduction in crime. This project will be a giant step in the fight against jewelry crime by helping to involve jewelers and police throughout the U.S. in the most effective crime prevention activities.”

“Security is of utmost concern to all retail jewelers,” said JA Board chairman John Green said. “JSA’s grassroots effort to feed and nurture local crime prevention networks is a project that Jewelers of America feels could have a significant impact on each and every one of our 11,000 member stores. We’re delighted to support JSA in this worthy endeavor.”

“I have helped organize and have been involved with a local jewelers’ crime prevention group in Dallas for the past several years and I have seen first-hand the effectiveness of such a group,” said Patti Geolat, chairperson of the Board of Jewelers Mutual Insurance Co. “I think that this project with Jewelers of America and Jewelers’ Security Alliance will be a major step in reducing crimes against the policyholders of Jewelers Mutual and the entire jewelry industry.”

Front row left to right: John Green, chairman, Jewelers of America; Patti Geolat, chairperson, Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company; 
David Cornstein, chairman, Jewelers’ Security Alliance. Back row left to right: Matthew Runci, president, Jewelers of America, 
Darin Kath, president and CEO, Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, and John Kennedy, president, Jewelers’ Security Alliance.

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