Feninjer Jewelry Show in Brazil


Hi folks! I fly to Brazil tonight to attend the 48th Annual Feninjer Brazilian Gems and Jewellery Show in Sao Paulo. The venue is held twice a year, in February and in August, and I attended once before in 2005. At that time, I fell in love with the country, so this trip is long overdue. 

My ’soulmate country’, Brazil


Feninjer is a relatively small fair comprising about 100 exhibitors, but there’s just no jewelry style in the world like that of the Brazilians: warm, colorful, playful, and sexy. In particular, I can’t wait to see F.R. Hueb, Yael Sonia, and Otávio and Paula Resende of Arte Romana Jewelry (surprise, I’m coming! I didn’t tell anyone). I’m sad to note that Antonio Bernardo will not be at the fair, but I’ll catch up with him and Monica in Las Vegas in a few months.

Locket from F.R. Hueb


Rings by Yael Sonia

Be sure to check in daily to see some of the beautiful jewels on display at this show. I’ll update this blog each night, at which point you can drool over the pictures and details of fair merchandise (please clean monitors afterwards, because a new show appears daily). Also, for the voyeurs in industry, you may ‘follow me’ on Twitter as I post helpful, one-sentence insights on the jewels, trends, and business commentaries I glean from walking the show floor. See the JCK Facebook photo albums for new pics of some of my Brazilian friends, and/or become a fan of JCK on FB and peruse all the albums to see if we’ve snuck your picture into one. And finally, be sure your subscriptions to JCK and JCK Luxury are up to date so that you don’t miss any print coverage in the coming months.


Enjoy your weekend and next week, everyone, and I’ll see you in Brazilian cyberspace!


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