Supplier News: Week of Feb. 26

Superfit Rebrands as Cliq

Maker of patented custom-fit rings, Superfit Inc., has announced that it will carry forward as brand name Cliq, with that change taking effect from the first day of this year, Jan. 1, 2018. The change comes on the heels of numerous customers asking their local jewelers for “the ring that clicks.”

“It indicated that our product was memorable, but the Superfit name was not,” said second-generation president, Eric Alulis. “It sounded like a gym, not a piece of fine jewelry.”

Cliq’s products are designed for hard-to-fit fingers, offering a patented mechanism that opens and closes the ring securely. This feature allows a ring’s wearer to size a piece appropriately for their finger, bypassing larger knuckles. The ring’s signature is an audible “click” sound that lets the wearer know that their ring is securely closed.

Cliq was logical for us to latch on to, as the name describes what the product does,” continued Alulis. “The sound, feeling, and experience is unique to Cliq products and very much part of our brand.”

Along with its new name, Cliq announced that it will be expanding with a line of finished jewelry and hopes to evolve into a “trusted front-of-store brand, as well as back-of-store brand.

“Cliq’s retail customers will continue to experience the same quality and service they’re used to, and plans are underway to support Cliq retailers with consumer awareness and education materials about the benefits of a custom fit,” said Alulis. “These, along with a new website and expanded product and in-store displays, will be unveiled in the coming months.”

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