Feathered Trends: 10 Pretty Plume Jewels for Your Store

Stuller honey quartz feather earrings


This Thursday begins the Year of the Goat, and as Chinese New Year is celebrated, we’re saying so long to the horse, the symbol of the past year. In recent years we’ve seen the popularity of dragon, snake, and equestrian-inspired jewelry rise, coincidentally matching up with the Year of the Dragon, Snake, etc. Yeah, I think the Chinese New Year may have something to do with it. But this year’s symbolic animal is a bit of a puzzler: the goat. There is goat jewelry out there, but it doesn’t quite have the same essence as some of the aformentioned wild things. I hope to be proven wrong and that we see plenty of goat-themed jewelry this year, but personally, I think 2015 is very much about the feather. Chalk it up to the rise (and re-rise) of ’60s and ’70s fashions, where a free spirit is in vogue and plumes are the flavor. Stock any one of these jewels in your store, and you’ll have a hit no matter what the year.

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Sutra sapphire and diamond feather earrings


Giovanni Raspini feathered hoop earrings

Giovanni Raspini

Evocateur double disc feather earrings


Cristina Sabatini Pavone 2 feather disc earrings

Cristina Sabatini

Sutra morganite feather earrings


Charming Silver multicolor CZ feather earrings

Charming Silver

Wendy Yue pink swan ear cuff

Wendy Yue

Charming Silver pave CZ feather ring

Charming Silver

Sutra diamond feather ring



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