Lovely in Las Vegas: Favorite JCK 2019 Instagram Photos

When you visit Las Vegas during jewelry week, whether you’re a blogger or editor or even a mildly interested Instagram user, this one thing is true: You have the opportunity to photograph some really incredible jewelry.

Getting good photos of that jewelry, though, may be a different story.

I know this to be true, because I’ve tried. Sometimes I’m relatively successful, with a bit of editing and fussing with angles. Most often, though, I don’t feel that I’ve done most of the jewelry justice—or even done anything particularly ‘Gram-worthy. I can’t get that focus quite right. I should have chosen a more interesting backdrop. And don’t even get me started on that shadow. I can’t comprehend how to snap a picture without the shadow of my phone obnoxiously hovering (seriously, can someone please tell me how to avoid this?). I love photography and have always found myself to be, if not good, at least decent, at capturing life’s memorable moments. That perfect jewelry photo, though, continues to evade me.

Via: @vikavickyvictoria

Via: @shelley_brown_

Via: @jckevents

Not so for a great number of my colleagues and peers, on the other hand, who capture the life of jewels exceedingly well. Even though I’m experiencing the show for myself, I still enjoy taking in the Instagram version, to get a glimpse of how others see the jewels that I saw in person. Not only can I discover new things to go and see this way, but I enjoy the work of those far more adept with their iPhones than I (however enviably) giving the lively gemstones and glittering diamonds of JCK their due spotlight.

Via: @rahaminov

Via: @laurenkfinejewelry

Via: @meiratjewelry

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing some of these in person, though the photos above are definitely the next best thing.

(Top image via: @jencwilliams)

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