Father’s Day is June 20th

These challenging economic times require jewelry marketers to
seek all sales opportunities. This is not the time to assume interested
customers will find their way to your store. What marketing
strategies are in place to maximize your selling opportunities for
Day? As a niche market Father’s Day marketing strategies need to be
with database marketing. How have you identified potential buyers for
Day? Have you created any wish list comments for customers who happen to
fathers or gifting intentions of others who want to honor a father with a
jewelry gift? Have you considered contacting fathers who have purchased
for Mother’s Day? These customers are confirming their support for these
occasions and their acceptance of the appropriateness of gifting jewelry
too.What products do you plan to feature for Father’s Day? Customers
gifting ideas to help them with their selection. Do you ask sales
associates for
input on possible products to feature? What suppliers might participate
special programs for this niche market/gifting occasion?

Will you create special product displays with featured products for
Day? Will you use those very valuable show cases just to the right when
shoppers enter the store? Will you use a theme color to help attract
attention? Will you use an easel board inside the front door to help
Father’s Day on June 20 to help engage shoppers?

What media will you use to communicate your Father’s Day offerings?
campaigns can be very effective if they are well targeted. Now is the
time to
send specific offerings using wish list comments and other information
in customer information files from databases. What traditional media
might you
use? Have you considered doing a trade out with traditional media
Direct mail still proves to generate an acceptable return on investment
many jewelry retailers.

Today I received my first email promotion offering gifts for Father’s
Day on
June 20. The competition is already busy selling for this gifting
occasion. Now
is the time to complete your marketing strategies.

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