Fashion + Jewelry: Cuckoo for Coco (Chanel)

On the 125th anniversary of her birth, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel (Aug. 19, 1883–Jan. 10, 1971) is reliving her 15 minutes, some better than others: Anything will top Lifetime’s recent…homage?…Coco Chanel. I love my Shirley, but only Lifetime execs know why Ms. MacLaine didn’t have a French accent. At least she developed a jewelry line during the “creative” process…



Shirley MacLaine in Coco Chanel

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Chakra Sky Jewelry seeks to “ground the wearer with a natural stone that enhances the energy of the corresponding chakra.… They are also energetically enhanced through technology to promote a feeling of well being.” Get your chakras aligned here.



Shirley MacLaine in her new Chakra Sky Jewelry line

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Look for other cinematic Chanel tributes to come: French director Anne Fontaine takes on a pre-famous Coco, played by Audrey Tautou, in Coco Before Chanel. The film is based on Edmonde Charles-Roux’s novel L’Irrégulière ou mon itinéraire Chanel.



Movie poster for Coco Before Chanel

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Also on the horizon, director Danièle Thompson is working on a biopic, as is William Friedkin, who’s focusing on Coco’s (here played by Marina Hands) relationship with Igor Stravinsky in Chanel et Stravinsky, l’Histoire Secrete (Chanel and Stravinsky: The Secret History), aka Coco & Igor.


Meanwhile in publishing land, coffee-table-book-lovers unite around world-renowned magazine and thesp photographer Douglas Kirkland’s Coco Chanel: Three Weeks/1962. That year, Kirkland, then 27, trailed a 79-year-old Chanel for, you guessed, three weeks. Forty-six years later, he releases the resulting photos, timed to celebrate Coco’s 125th.



Coco Chanel: Three Weeks/1962 by Douglas Kirkland

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And don’t forget the upcoming Chanel Mobile Art exhibit (starts Oct. 20) in Central Park—I hope you got tickets!



See It: Chanel Mobile Art


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