Fall Jewelry Conference in Boston

“Ahead of Its Time: Artistic Jewelry in the Milieu of 1900” is the theme of the Annual Conference on Jewelry and Related Arts to be held at the Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, on Oct. 12.

The conference will examine personal ornament as a decorative art against the background of the turn of the 19th into the 20th century. It will explore a number of emergent jewelry movements, including Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau, and Jugendstil. All stood in stark contrast to mainstream jewelry and represent an exciting phase in jewelry history.

Speakers will examine the philosophical and inspirational sources for these changes; the political, and social climate of the time; and the popular motifs and technological innovations that characterize the various movements. In addition, several young scholars will have the opportunity to present their original research at the conference. 

The conference is being held in conjunction with the exhibition “Imperishable Beauty: Art Nouveau Jewelry,” which recently opened at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and runs through Nov. 9. The conference is being presented by the Association for the Study of Jewelry & Related Arts.

The conference program is as follows:

* Ahead of Its Time: Artistic Jewelry in the Milieu of 1900
Yvonne Markowitz, Rita J. Kaplan and Susan B. Kaplan curator of Jewelry, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Curator of the exhibtition and co-author of the catalogue Imperishable Beauty: Art Nouveau Jewelry;

* Art Nouveau Jewelry: A Collector’s Vision
Elyse Zorn Karlin, publisher of Adornment,The Magazine of Jewelry & Related Arts, author of Jewelry and Metalwork in the Arts & Crafts Tradition and co-author of Imperishable Beauty: Art Nouveau Jewelry;

* Arts & Crafts vs. Art Nouveau Jewelry, the Similarities and Differences
Kaitlin Shinnick—Windgate Fellow, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston;

* The Other Woman: Josephine Hartwell Shaw and the Boston Arts & Crafts Movement
Meghan Melvin, curatorial project assistant, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston;

* Universal Designers: Artists at the Darmstadt Colony (1899-1914)
Susan Ward, curatorial research fellow, Department of Textile and Fashion Arts, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston;

* “Ex Unique”: The Singular Career of Philippe Wolfers
Jeannine Falino, Independent museum curator;
* Louis Comfort Tiffany: His Life and Jewelry
Barry Shifman, curator of Decorative Arts, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the Art Nouveau and Art Deco Jewelry Collection at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

The conference is $200 and includes continental breakfast, lunch, and afternoon refreshments. ASJRA Associates will receive a 10 percent. There also is a student discount of 50 percent.

Reservations and payment should be sent as soon as possible to insure a seat.
Registration forms, a list of hotels, and additional info can be found at www.jewelryconference.com.

Send check or money order to:
Adornment, The Magazine of Jewelry & Related Arts, 1333A North Avenue #122 New Rochelle, NY 10804

Payment may also be made by PayPal with payment sent to Adornment, The Magazine of Jewelry & Related Arts or follow the link to PayPal on the conference Web site.

For more information go to: www.jewelryconference.com, www.jewelryandrelatedarts.com, www.asjra.net.