How Jewelers Can Use New Facebook App Hobbi

Facebook’s New Product Experimentation Team—or NPE, as it is referred to—a group focused on developing new products and experiences on a smaller scale for the social media platform, recently announced the introduction of a new app: Hobbi.

A bit like Pinterest, at least aesthetically, Hobbi aims to help users track their progress in chronicling—what it sounds like—their hobbies.

“The one-stop app for your personal projects,” as its billed on the App Store, Hobbi lets users keep track of their projects—cooking, gardening, fitness, home decor, and more—through organizable photos and notes. Images can be sorted into boards (the part that is similar to Pinterest), as progress is tracked from start to completion along the way.

“Hobbi wants to help you document and remember the things you love to do,” says its description on the App Store. “You can save photos of the projects you’re working on and the activities you love to do, whether it’s cooking, baking, DIY, arts and crafts, fitness, or home decor. You can then organize your photos into visual collections to see the progress you’re making over time. You might just surprise yourself with how much you have done.”

This particular app, the fourth introduced by NPE, is very much in its infancy and not receiving rave reviews (at press time it had only 71 ratings, averaging two out of five stars). But in the spirit of early adoption, there’s a huge jewelry-friendly angle here.

Imagine tracking the progress of each piece of jewelry created (for your line, for a client). Hobbi isn’t really a social media platform (it’s much more about tracking personal progress), but it does allow users to share their projects through highlight videos that can be sent to friends and family (or perhaps, posted on Facebook).

This isn’t major breaking social media news, but rather an opportunity to try something new that may or may not take off. Hobbi is very well suited to the jewelry industry, because so much of what goes on here is project based, with each new design or creation. Other projects that would be perfect to document on this app include the redesign (or holiday decorating?) of a retail store, the setup of a booth at a jewelry show, and preparing for a special in-store experience.

For those interested, Google also recently released a similar app, called Tangi, though its is more focused on short-form videos. Still, all signs point to tracking hobbies as a growing interest. So, if you’re wondering what that can tell you, it’s that people are looking to do more things that make them feel good, and personal development is key. Take the leap from there, and it’s looking like inspirational jewelry collections are going to make a killing in sales as we move into the future.

Top: Hobbi logo (via: the App Store)

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