Facebook (and a Good Samaritan) Unites Woman With Diamond Ring

A 3.5 ct. diamond ring is back with its owner thanks to kindness and social media

Here’s a heartwarming story for your Thanksgiving week, never mind that it took place across the pond.

A young gentleman in London named Andy Samuels was walking home from the pubs on a recent evening when he spotted an (estimated) 3.5 ct. diamond ring in the gutter. He assumed it was costume jewelry but picked it up anyway. A friend thought it was the real deal, and a jeweler confirmed it.

Samuels decided to seek out the ring’s owner. He put a post on Facebook and asked it to be shared widely. Miraculously, it reached the right people, and the next day, Samuels met the owner at an independent jeweler, who confirmed ownership through insurance papers.

Samuels said that the owner did not want to share her name or speak to the press but confirmed that she was an older woman who was thankful to have the ring back.

“She was overjoyed because she had been upset and doesn’t want any attention, but she was very, very pleased to have it back,” he told the Mail Online.

“I have lost my phone four or five times and mentioned it on social media,” he said. “Every time I have had it returned to me. It’s like a boomerang.”

A 3.5 ct. diamond ring is worth significantly more than a phone, this one is estimated at $70,000–$120,000, and keeping it didn’t cross his mind.

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for honest, good-hearted folks like Andy Samuels. And for another guy, who created a tool to connect us to old friends, family members, and owners of lost diamonds. Thanks, Zuck.

(Photo courtesy of Andy Samuels)

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