Facebook Suggests New Ad Copy for Holiday Marketing

I’ve been saying the holiday season is right around the corner for what feels like months, but no doubt about it—it’s here now. The year has brought plenty of distractions (many of them terrible but some good), and it’s finally brought us to this point, a time of year that many—especially retailers—look forward to. Though I know a surprising amount of people that have already put up their Christmas trees (believe it or not!), retailers still have time to put the finishing touches on their holiday marketing plans, in a year that calls for a little extra TLC.

Facebook has shared a roundup of five tips for boosting your ad copy, to help heighten brand awareness as we head into this crazy-busy consumer month. Here’s a summary of the platform’s advice.

1. Give your brand a voice.

There are many retailers that have excelled at this over the years, reaching audiences through platforms like Instagram, where they can get more personable than ever before. But Facebook advises that consistency is key, suggesting brands use a unique voice and demonstrate how they impact the world and its customers. What makes you different from other jewelry retailers? What can you offer this holiday—and going forward—that maybe other local jewelers or brands can’t or don’t? Just be sure that if you go for an impactful message, you stick with it long-term. Don’t let it just be holiday sales bait.

2. Position your products.

This seems like an obvious one, but if you’re selling jewelry, be sure your advertisements show the jewelry. It’s easy to get caught up in selling a lifestyle through beautifully designed campaigns—and if that’s a part of your brand, it’s worth doing. But if you want to catch customers’ attention, be sure to make clear what the product is that you’re offering.

3. Say it with words.

In addition to visuals, Facebook suggests marketers “add value propositions to ads that feature your products, explaining why consumers should use them, what makes them unique from others, and what benefits they’ll get.” I don’t know how closely this advice fits with the jewelry industry when a picture is worth a thousand words, but if there’s a company that, say, only uses conflict-free or responsibly sourced materials, or only lab-grown diamonds, that’s worth communicating—it aligns with a strong consumer sentiment, and not all companies do it.

4. Create branded packaging.

I can’t tell you how much I love opening a shipment I ordered online to find my purchase wrapped in glorious packaging. I believe others would appreciate this extra touch, too, especially during the holidays. Special, standout packaging can really elevate a brand’s vibe, and your vibe this holiday season should be all about customer care and making this year as special as possible.

5. Spend strategically.

In all honesty, I can’t offer much by way of where retailers should specifically put their ad dollars this year, so here’s what Facebook says: “Run a retargeting campaign to reach audiences who already know about your brand. Advertise to people who have visited your website, app, store, or Facebook page, or who have already purchased your products or services. Retargeting people who are already familiar [with] your brand gives them another opportunity to consider your products.”

In addition, Facebook included the below table with a formula for creating successful ad copy.

Facebook formula ad copy
Facebook’s formula for successful ad copy

Top: An example of how to create an effective Facebook ad, via Facebook

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