Fabergé Gets Brooklyn Restaurant to Change Name

There will be no breakfast at Fabergé. 

The luxury jeweler has gotten a small New York restaurant that went by the same name (sans accent) to change it, after suing it for copyright violation in New York federal court.

The restaurant also agreed to pay Fabergé $25,000. 

The jeweler charged the eatery “shamelessly appropriated” its purple London storefront, making it “likely, if not inevitable, that consumers and members of the general public will be confused into assuming, incorrectly, that the Faberge Restaurant is owned” by the luxury brand, it said in court papers.

The owner of the restaurant formerly known as Faberge could not be reached for comment. But his lawyer told Reuters: “It was a business decision that it would be less expensive just to comply with their demands rather than fighting it out.”

“This is a strong outcome for Fabergé because it shows we can and will protect our interests, even when they extend beyond our core business,” said the jeweler’s president Robert Benvenuto in a statement.

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