Eye Value

Eye value . . . the jewelry looks like it should cost more than the price you arrive at using your normal mark up margin. This can occur due to a fantastic design of a ring, bracelet, necklace, etc. Or it can come from the style of the jewelry design . . .  how the design is emphasized. For example, the same ring design offered in different colored stones or metal can look much more valuable and create more appeal with customers. Even well cut stones can offer eye value . . . and that makes them look more expensive than they really are.  The key point is customers are willing to pay more money for jewelry with exceptional eye value.

Here’s your chance to let us know what products you think offer great eye value. These products are what merchandisers should be constantly on the lookout to buy and offer to their customers. Jewelry products with great eye value are easier to sell because customers are more attracted to their superior value propositions.