12 Extraordinary Instagram Posts

It isn’t often these days that I’m just casually browsing Instagram without some sort of agenda in mind. For work (and play), I’m often trying to connect the dots that point to some sort of trend or I’m falling down the rabbit hole of new-to-me designers and brands to follow. My time spent on the picturesque platform is always fruitful.

At home, I like to seek out new recipes, styles to emulate (for moi and baby), and DIY projects (though adding them to my saved folder and actually doing them are not mutually exclusive).

But truly, there’s nothing quite like the mindless scroll—where you simply let your feed do its thing. One that takes you on a picturesque adventure, with each slight touch of your phone turning into something completely unexpected and new.


Image via: @gemgossip (featuring @ericacourtneyofficial)

Image via: @tiffanyandco

Image via: @hernameismargo


Image via: @micaela

Image via: @solangeazagury


Image via: @emssco

More than once on this recent journey, I’ve gasped aloud, smiled wide, and double—nay, quadruple—tapped (thereby basically undoing my “like,” leading me to have to “like” it again). These works of art inspire me to want to take better photos, seek out the most creative of creators, and take a deep dive into learning more about what makes each one so great. And, of course, in the photos that spotlight jewelry, they make me want to wear it. But not until I’ve finished scrolling, scrolling, scrolling.


Image via: @thebillyporter

Image via: @simonejewels

After this collection of inspiring images, I have to remind myself to just go along for the Instagram ride more often.


Image via: @barriluxco (featuring @mspaltenjewelry)


Image via: @jenniferdawesdesign


Image via: @willsnotebook

This is the stuff Instagram dreams are made of. Here is what has wowed me out of my seat over the last couple of weeks, from celebrity jewelry sightings to incredible creations—and clever positioning that makes those jewels pop like no other.

(Top: Image via @lynn_ban)

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