Everything’s Coming Up Rose Cuts at LUXURY

I set out on my third day at JCK’s LUXURY show on a very specific scavenger hunt: rose-cut diamonds. I’d be telling whoppers if I said I wasn’t highly distracted by some other gorgeous creations along the way, but I pressed on with my mission to find the gems on my mind.

I wouldn’t call the use of rose-cut diamonds a trend by any means. Sure, they may come and go in their popularity or use in jewelry designs, but generally speaking, the cut—which dates back to the 16th century—is here to stay. I’m drawn to the look for its translucence, and I love the way it looks when set against row upon row of pavé diamonds. 

I got pretty lucky with my first stop at the always-intriguing Sethi Couture, where I was delighted with myriad rings from various collections: Vintage, Grace, Fine Vine, and Scroll, among others. I always look forward to this visit, which promises to be filled with sparkle and vintage touches like no other.

Spotted at Artistry Ltd., along with the treasure trove of looks I told you about yesterday, was this ring in rose gold with a sort of twisting design that makes it look like the rose-cut diamonds on one half are transforming into the pavé ones that blend into the whole surface. It’s a very cool, entrancing look. 

I was delighted and surprised by the vintage-look designs at S&R Designs, where oxidized silver and 18k pendants were set with rose-cut topaz rather than diamonds (though the pavé accents were diamonds), beautifully decorating the ornate, two-tone looks. 

Simon G. is another one of those well-known, well-loved brands that does it all. I’m both familiar and smitten with the assortment of designs offered by the company, particularly where the diamond rings and rich colored stones are concerned. So I was excited to see that they, too, helped me to check an item off my scavenger-hunt list with a collection of natural and rose-cut diamond jewelry. The line was wildly popular for them this time last year, so they decided to expand—how lucky for us! 

Never satisfied where the search for jewelry is concerned, I thought I needed to see at least one more piece to fulfill the “trend” I set my mind on that day. Luckily, I found these amazing rings at Sofragem. You may be familiar with Sofragem for the amazing jewel featured on my 200-plus piece preview before the show (see the whole thing here)—which sold very quickly, by the way. Already enamored, I was happy to see that they had just what I was looking for today, in these 18k rose-cut diamond rings set against a background of sparkling pavé diamonds—just the way I like it.

What were your favorite looks from the showfloor? 

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