department store chain nordstrom will soon spotlight pieces from etsy, the online craft site.

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Etsy Pieces Now Appearing at Nordstrom

Department store chain Nordstrom will soon spotlight pieces from Etsy, the online craft site.

“Nordstrom’s At Home department [will] feature selected Etsy vendors in their retail stores,” said a blog post from Vanessa Bertozzi, program manager for Etsy Wholesale, the site’s new wholesale arm. “This ‘Etsy & Nordstrom Present’ collaboration is an exciting opportunity for these sellers, and it gives us—and you—a peek into what it takes to do wholesale with a major retailer.”

She adds: “At the same time, Nordstrom gets to bring fresh, unique products to their shoppers. It’s a win-win-win!”

Based on the samples seen in the post, “Etsy & Nordstrom Present” favors pottery over jewelry. 

Etsy Wholesale was launched to allow site sellers “to scale up your business and get brand exposure through brick-and-mortars,” according to another post by Betrozzi. In May, the site acquired Trunkit, an Etsy app that allowed wholesale transactions.

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