Etsy CEO Steps Down

Chad Dickerson, Etsy’s CEO for the past six years, has stepped down and will be replaced by former Skype CEO Josh Silverman.

Silverman has been a director on Etsy’s board since November. He previously served as president of consumer products and services for American Express. Before that, he was CEO of Skype, eBay’s, and was cofounder and CEO of Evite.

The news comes after the company announced that it planned to reduce its headcount by 80 positions.

(Image courtesy of Etsy)

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2 responses to “Etsy CEO Steps Down”

  1. Skype ex CEO for Etsy hmmm, what does he has to do with our industry. lol.

    No doubt our industry is shrinking & dying at an alarming rate. Kissing up is more important.

    Another bad move.

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