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Jeweler Says Engagement Ring Type Reveals Personality


Cullen Jewellery, an appointment-only jewelry store in Victoria, Australia, has gone viral with a series of TikTok videos that promise to reveal how a person’s engagement ring shows their personality.

A motor-mouthed Australian-accented store employee has now made three videos on the topic, the first of which racked up 1.7 million views and was written up in the New York Post. This has led to parts two and three.

Most commenters seemed to enjoy the videos, and even said the video’s star nailed some: “OMG, the accuracy,” wrote one.  Another said, “How is this so true?”

Among her insights:

Round solitaire: “You love the finer things in life. You also love getting drinks with gals on the weekend. But you’re also the mom of the group and have to be in bed by 9 p.m.”

Oval trilogy: “You’re the mom with three kids and a Range Rover.”

The pear halo: “You’ve got the kindest heart, but you also have a coffee addiction.”

The radiant pave: “You’re the main character. You don’t ask to be, but it just simply falls upon you. You give great advice, but you just don’t take it yourself.”

The marquise: “You are confident. You are a natural leader. Everyone looks to you for guidance. You carry around an emotional support water bottle.”

The trilogy ring: “You’re everyone’s big sister. You’re super-loyal and you always have a shoulder to cry on. Your favorite TV show is Grey’s Anatomy.”

Colored stone rings: “You love animals and you best believe you’re gonna find a way to include your pet in your wedding.”

The emerald: “You are the businesswoman, the CEO, the side-hustle queen. And you never miss Fake-Tan Thursdays.”

The heart shape: “You will forever be young at heart. You’re the fun one of the group and you can quote almost every Disney movie.”

The princess cut: “You love the beach and summer is your favorite season.”

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By: Rob Bates

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