Diamond Engagement Piercings Are Trending on Instagram

Hold onto your halo settings. There’s a bridal trend brewing on Instagram that shows women and men who’ve pierced their ring fingers with diamonds.

When done properly—and completely healed—the dermal piercings make the diamonds look like they’re floating on top of the skin, unanchored.

The piece of jewelry itself is a two-sided affair. There’s a flat piece of metal that holds the piece securely under the skin and a diamond stud that’s screwed on the top. Professional piercers use a tiny round razor to take a circle of skin off the top of the finger that’s the exact size of the stud’s diameter.

If your knees got weak reading that last sentence, you’re neither alone nor crazy. The procedure is surgical. The healing time for such a piercing can be several months—and scarring, should you ever want to pull the jewelry out, is inevitable.

Also, “the rejection rate is very high,” professional piercer Adrian Castillo told Teen Vogue. And, “they sit on the surface of the skin so they are very prone to getting snagged.”

Castillo added, “Your hands go in your pockets, purses, jackets, shirts, towels, and all sorts of things multiple times a day—one good snag of the jewelry could start the process of rejection which could take days or months and leaves you prone to infection or bad scarring.”


An Instagram user shows off her new dermal engagement piercing (via: @mstaaveley)

That hasn’t stopped hundreds of people from showcasing their dermal engagement “rings” on Instagram recently. Search #fingerpiercing to see the variety of looks (not for sensitive readers, there’s some blood).

Las Vegas–based user @wilstasis posted a photo of his and his wife’s new dermal piercings with the caption: “Our engagement dermals we got Friday. It was a little painful and bloody but definitely worth it and an awesome idea by my fiancée!”

Now that’s love.

Top photo: A three-diamond dermal piercing (via: @piercingsby_billy)

JCK Magazine Editor