Engaged Couples Praying for Rain Thanks to Jewelry Store Promotion

It’s an old wives tale that rain on your wedding day brings good fortune. But one lucky couple is getting a refund because of precipitation and a jewelry store promotion.

Ancona Jewelers in Addison, Ill., recently gave customers Jonathan and Megan Barder, married on June 21, a $3,000 check as part of the store’s “Pray for Rain” promotion.

The promotion states that as long as it rains a half-inch or more more at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport on your wedding day—regardless of the location of your wedding—Ancona Jewelers will refund your bridal purchase up to $5,000.

“We believe, with the excessive rainfall this year, this first win would be a great incentive to promote what we are doing here at this store,” says Malorie DeFrancesco, jewelry consultant at Ancona Jewelers. “There’s no rules or catches.”

Marketing for the promotion (Photo courtesy of the company)

Although the promotion has been going on for a year, despite the recent rainy season, the Barders, who were married June 21, are the first customers to receive a refund.

“They’re so excited,” DeFrancesco says. “They’re getting $3,000—that’s a honeymoon right there!”