Emerald Engagement Rings on the Rise for Nontraditional Brides

It’s May’s birthstone and Pantone’s official color of 2013—and a bevy of nontraditional celebrity brides-to-be are choosing the stone as the centerpiece of their engagement.

Halle Berry has been spotted sporting a custom-made emerald engagement ring, while starlet Zoë Saldana emerged on the red carpet with a sizable emerald bridal piece, as well. Actress Olivia Wilde opted for a more traditional route with a diamond center stone accented by the green gem. 

But is there more than meets the eye to the gorgeous green gemstone? According to history, the emerald holds more romantic connotations. Revered for its connection with ancient Roman goddess of love and beauty Venus, the emerald is thought to preserve love and is a symbol of hope. In Eastern traditions, emerald green is the hue associated with the heart chakra. 

The saying lucky for love, give your lover an emerald to stay faithful may be why so many Hollywood women are opting for the stone. Emerald engagement rings are officially a trend with glowing prospects of longevity. 

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