Eight Ways to Sell More Jewelry to Men

Engaging men to shop is much more challenging than attracting women shoppers. Beautiful jewelry displays will stop women shoppers and lure them in. But men require some additional incentives. Start to engage men to shop by first eliminating the notion that shopping is a burden. Try to create a shopping experience for men in your jewelry store that reflects shopping as a form of recreation. Shopping for jewelry is no chore when men come to your store! Buying jewelry can be fun, exciting and very rewarding. Just be sure to follow these eight guidelines when selling to men:

  1. Let’s remove the anxiety of not selecting the right item. Too many times men have experienced those uncomfortable moments right after their gift has been opened as the recipient searches for a carefully crafted comment that focuses more on the thought than the gift. Use selling language that reinforces the “right” selection of jewelry for the “right’ reasons.
  2. Create a store environment that is more reflective of men. Plasma screen TVs are magnets for men. Just as large screen TVs are appealing to men, mirrors are just the opposite. Men dislike standing in front of lots of large mirrors. Create a boutique space for men’s jewelry that downplays the use of mirrors.
  3. Use technology. Smartphone applications and QR codes offer more opportunities to engage men. Use smartphone apps as a personal shopper to assist men with jewelry gift ideas. What sort of special messages might be broadcast for men to gain their attention and better inform and educate them about jewelry? Consider messaging tips about the care and handling of jewelry and do share the benefits of wearing and gifting jewelry. Men appreciate guidance and support and need to learn more about how to develop their own jewelry wardrobe.
  4. Create a jewelry boutique for men within your traditional jewelry store. Use the color blue to help signal a men’s zone within the store. Position a large screen TV to draw men to their own jewelry section. Men prefer more masculine visual signals to help them engage in shopping.
  5. Create displays with masculine themes. Models of airplanes, cars, trains and trucks may complement a display of men’s jewelry with just the right message for men. Create a look and feel for men when displaying jewelry for men. How can a jewelry boutique located in a traditional jewelry store feel more urban and industrial? Consider building materials as accents for display. Use wood, brick, or steel as props. Tie in props using sports that are currently in season. It’s baseball season right now and baseball memorabilia can complement a display of men’s jewelry.
  6. Station comfortable chairs in the men’s jewelry section. Or consider selling strategies that use a desk and chairs to create a more male oriented selling environment.
  7. Offer refreshments. Let the company’s culture serve as a guide in the selection of the most appropriate drinks to offer.
  8. Promote men’s jewelry using celebrity marketing. Why not hire a local sports celebrity to sign autographs to introduce a new jewelry boutique for men located in a traditional jewelry store? This can create some buzz for the men’s boutique.
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